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How Do I Print From A Personal Device

Printing from personally owned computers

You can print to KCC printers from a personal computer using Mobility Print.  With Mobility Print you can print Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, PowerPoint slides, and images. 

This is for Krannert users only (Krannert Faculty, Staff and Students).

Note: This is not for KCC supported computers.

First, you must connect to the Purdue VPN or Purdue’s PAL3.0 WiFi.

Second, download the PaperCut Mobility Print app here:  Krannert Mobility Print  

Third, run the installer you just downloaded. The installer will present a list of printers to choose from. Only select the printer(s) that you think that you will need. The installer can always be downloaded/ran again to select a different printer. 

The printer names indicate their locations (MGMT-BLDG-ROOM plus p#).  
MGMT = Indicates the School of Management.
BLDG = Indicates the building (KRAN = Krannert, and KCTR = Krannert Center, RAWL = Rawls Hall).
ROOM = Indicates the room/location.
P# = Identifies it as a printer, and the printer number in that location.

When asked to authenticate, use your Purdue career account username and password, not BoilerKey. Then print as you would normally would.