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Our Mission

Krannert Computing Center, Purdue University

Statement of Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals

Vision Statement

The Krannert Computing Center will be the standard by which other institutions measure their computing organizations.

Mission Statement

The Krannert Computing Center supports the overall Krannert mission.  Reflecting this sole obligation to the school, the mission of the Krannert Computing Center is to:

  • Facilitate the highest quality of learning and discovery environment through the effective use of technology
  • Build Information Systems that promote efficient use of school resources

Goals for the Computing Center

  1. Stay focused on the school's core competencies and look for alternative solutions for needs in non-core areas.
  2. Keep services and applications running with the highest possible uptime, so that the only outages are planned and expected by users
  3. Be recognized internally as a contributing factor in the Krannert School's nation reputation
  4. Develop and maintain a highly capable, customer oriented staff
  5. Provide training to our users that keeps them abreast of technology as it changes and promote an adaptative environment
  6. Peform all work from well documented and approved processes
  7. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Krannert School's administrative activities

We will achieve these goals in the following ways:

  • Partnerships - Build partnerships to garner new resources, foster growth and enhance our students' education
  • Technology Initiatives - Focus on project areas with foreseeable benefits to the school's discovery, learning, and engagement mission
  • Network Infrastructure - Provide reliable and ubiquitous networking services
  • Staff Development - Keep staff trained in the latest software and hardware
  • Upgrades - Install, support, and utilize contemporary software applications and hardware
  • Risk Management - Implement system backup plans and redundancy to avoid the loss of data or system availability
  • Budgeting - Deliver systems and applications in an efficient and effective manner