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MiniTab Access and Tutorial

MiniTab Tutorials

Below is a good walkthrough of some of the basic functionality from YouTube.  While some of the parts will not be used in the course, this is a nice short overview of the tool.

Everything you Need to Know to use Minitab in 50 Minutes

Virtual Access to Software
The software above can be accessed over the web through Krannert RemoteApp at https://webapps.krannert.purdue.edu/arcc/. Enter the following:    

Type:                                        Generic:                                                  Example:

Domain\username                        krannert\                             krannert\alexan11

The software runs on a Krannert virtual server and you interact with the software over the network. Minitab can also be accessed from the Apps folder once you log into the machine. While Krannert RemoteApp often undergoes maintenance and upgrade changes, here are current tips for accessing the system. For accessing the software on various platforms, you need Microsoft Remote Desktop app, details for which are available on http://arcc.krannert.purdue.edu/.

  • If you are using Internet Explorer, the application should start directly. Any other browsers (such as Chrome or FireFox) will prompt to run or save-then-run the Remote Desktop connection.
  • Mac users may have to install an app from the app store to use Krannert RemoteApp. If prompted to do so, follow the instructions and install the app. There is no charge for the app.

When saving any files/output please note: Do not save to "Local Disk (C:)", that is the C: drive on the ARCC servers. Use Microsoft OneDrive tied to your Purdue account to move files back and forth from your local computer and the Krannert RemoteApp virtual server.

  • If Krannert RemoteApp does not work, go to arcc.krannert.purdue.edu, click on your operating system, then carefully follow the instructions.