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How do I connect to PAL 3.0 with Windows 10?

1. Click the 'wireless network' icon in your system tray to view a list of available networks.


2. Click 'PAL3.0', check 'Connect automatically', and then click 'Connect'.


3. Click Connect


4. Enter your Purdue Username and Password and Choose OK



  • If you change your Career Account password, sometimes Windows does not recognize the new password when reconnecting to PAL3.0. To fix this follow these steps to remove PAL3.0.
  1. Click the 'wireless network' icon in your system tray and select 'Network settings'.

  2. Click 'Manage known networks'.

  3. Select 'PAL3.0' then click 'Forget'.

  4. Reconnect to PAL3.0 as usual.