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Configure Exchange Mail on Outlook for Windows

The following steps will walk you through configuring an Outlook client to connect to your Exchange mailbox.  This will work at home or work, with no need of being on the VPN.

NOTE:  The autodiscover feature only works for faculty and staff connecting to the on-premises Exchange environment and will not work for students or others connecting to the Purdue Office 365 mail environment.

NOTE:  If your SMTP address (displayed address) is johndoe@purdue.edu, but your alias address is johnd1@purdue.edu, then you must use the johndoe@purdue.edu address for AutoDiscover to work.

NOTE:  Exchange mailboxes are created overnight.  If you have very recently changed your mail service to Exchange, you may need to wait until the mailbox is created before AutoDiscover will work.


  1. Go to 'Control Panel' > 'Mail' and select 'Show Profiles'.

    Show ProfilesAdd Account
  2. On the 'Mail' window (where it lists the existing Outlook profiles), click on the 'Add...' button.
  3. On the 'New Profile' window, type in a profile name (doesn't matter what you name it, but it's best to name it something so you know this profile is setup for your Exchange mailbox) and then click 'OK'.
  4. On the 'Add New Account' window, you will see your name and email address automatically populated if you are logged into a OnePurdue machine.  Clickthe 'Next' button once you have verified the information is correct.
    Note: The "Your Name" field can be ignored, since Exchange will automatically use your Display Name as set in Active Directory (typically set as "Last, First MI"). 
  5. In the "E-mail Address" field, you will enter your Purdue email address. If you use something other than alias@purdue.edu, please be sure to enter that alternate address.   Example: If your username is "doe99" but your email address is "johndoe@purdue.edu", you will want to use "johndoe@purdue.edu" in this step. 
  6. NOTE:  If your machine is not currently on the OnePurdue domain, you will be prompted to enter your 'onepurdue\alias' username and password.

    Enter email address
  7. You will now see Outlook attempting to automatically configure your Exchange mailbox settings. Once you have three green checkmarks, select the "Change account settings" box and then click Next.

account settings

      8.  Uncheck the "Use Cached Exchange Mode" box, and then click "Finish".

NOTE: Cached Mode is only recommended for the following scenarios:

  • Laptop users should leave the "Use Cached Exchange Mode"
  • You need to use Outlook for reading/drafting email when you have NO internet connection
  • Poor Outlook performance due to extremely slow internet connectivity
  • You want Outlook to perform additional junk filtering, which will move emails into your "Junk E-mail" folder